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The Growth of Pinterest and How Businesses Can Embrace It

As I mentioned in my article last December “Pinterest: An up-and-coming Social Media Network worth looking into” Pinterest is Growing in Massive Numbers, and Your Business Can Too! This is a Must Read For Large and Small Business Owners Alike.

Pinterest is even more incredible than ever. It has acquired over 10 million users in a record amount of time. It is the single fastest growth of any website in history even though it is still an invite-only site. The explosive growth of Pinterest.com only goes to show that any one looking to enhance their brand, their business, their services or their products should consider having a strong presence on it.

Pinterest is the best choice for internet marketing. It has grown at such rapid rates that it even blew Facebook’s notorious beginning out of the water. It is a really clean cut site that allows all businesses small and large to increase their exposure and generate more customers. We all know that all adds up to more money.

Social media is a very essential marketing tool. It is a guaranteed way to get the exposure that you need to keep up in these competitive times. All businesses will benefit in abundance through maintaining a strong presence on Pinterest.com.

Most of the users on Pinterest are females, and women are known to be the bargain hunters and shoppers in the family. You will be able to target an audience much easier than on any other social media site. People come there looking for specific services or products. Your time is much more fruitful when you use Pinterest.

It is based theme is on a post it method. You can generate deals or specials and even have contests to lure potential buyers in. You are going to get results on Pinterest without as much time, money or effort you will have to invest on other sites.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get your business on the map. Whether you have 100+ employees or you are working alone to build your company this is a great place to advertise. Your company’s name is more likely to show up in Google results with every post, and you will find that it all really makes a difference.

Marketing strategies can get expensive, however with Pinterest you can dramatically decrease overall costs. It can be a fun and effective way to interact with your customers while offering them the best deals. Nothing beats Pinterest, and if you have not seen what it can do to boost your sales and reputation, you are really missing out.

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The Benefits Of Doing Social Business

The Benefits Of Doing SocialBusinessAlmost every business has realized the potential of social media. If not, now is certainly the time to get on board.

However, social media is almost always used just as a marketing tool by itself. There are marketing benefits of using social media which I am fan, trainer and user of, however creating a social business can do a lot more and reap huge benefits in the long run.

Social business is a fairly new term on and not many entrepreneurs would know what it actually means. It definitely does not imply a business using social media for marketing purposes. It has far more utilities and benefits lined up for any business.

A social business is typically a business that uses social media in all facets of the company’s modus operandi. It is being widely believed, and rightly so, that social media is all set to become a focal point for any business. Right now, social media is just at the peripherals of any business whereby some marketing efforts yield fruit while others are simply futile attempts at conducting promotions and special sales.

Here are some of the benefits of doing social business.

  • A social business puts much more focus on the value that social media can offer a business rather than only the marketing rewards.
  • Social business calls for an inclusive involvement of social media and internet users which offer a wider platform to share and discuss almost anything about a business. Right there, a business gets to build a foundation for employees to interact with online citizens and gauge popular opinion. The opinion, feedback or thoughts can then be taken back to the boardroom for illustrations and a business can take appropriate steps to enhance a positive feedback or to curtail some criticisms.
  • Several major corporations in the world are mulling over an idea to get the consumers involved in the creative process of product development or in the conception of an idea and developing it as per popular sentiments. In fact some companies have already started this process with various degrees of success, such as Nike.What this does is, it offers any business the leverage to do prelaunch market research and also gain specific product feedback even before something has been created or developed.
  • Being a social business can have far reaching effects in terms of brand value. With social media gaining more acceptance as a common mode of communication and interaction, customers are more likely to interact with individuals and trust them rather than a brand. With people getting more exposure to social media from businesses and brands they like, it is upon the shoulders of the the entrepreneurs and executives to drive their brand value using their own reputation and skills.

Let me know what you think.