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Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO, with Social Media

Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO, with Social Media

As a person who loves and enjoys social media for it’s innate ability to connect us to people and events, which we could never have done so even just a few years ago, I wanted today to talk to you about a topic dear to my heart. It’s a strange but very real phenomenon that has occurred within the past few years with the rise of Smartphones being tied to our hips and wrists and almost everything we do. When our phones bing with texts and FOMO Fear of Missing outwe answer it the second it happens, or we check out tweet or Facebook timelines every 10 minutes, this begs the question. With all of technologies advances in the past few years, does technology bring us closer to each other or further apart?

My answer to that is that both are correct. We live in a world where the gift of “social media” is that we can discuss, rate, help, contemplate, learn and talk in mere seconds/minutes/hours on new things happening throughout the world. However, we also live in a world where living in the “present” is being “assisted” by technology.

There is concept that is called Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO for short. This is the idea that most of us using our smartphones and technology are glued to what others are saying on the social media platforms, and have this need to check in as  often as humanly possible, just in case we miss something good. As humans, and curious people, we hate to think we missed something good. Naturally, we do this as a way to feel connected to our “friends” online that we follow and Like, and Pin. It makes us feel good. Some people have mentioned that they see their real friends more often online via Facebook, Twitter, etc than they do in just getting together in person.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am part of this group and have willingly jumped in, as have you, to be part of my own experiences online as well as finding out about my connections, brands I follow and friends and their latest exploits detailed online. However, I do believe you need a BALANCE in life and go and meet, in my case, business leads and contacts you meet online. I use social media to start the process, and finish in person.

What I wanted to share in this post, from a Social Media insider, is that sometimes, we just need 2 things in our lives to achieve a good balance online:

1. UNPLUG and be ok with it. Don’t be afraid of missing out on something you missed online. Like a detox in real life, I have Unplugged myself when I find I need to re-charge my “batteries”. No cellphone, no social media, no texts sometimes for 1 day or longer just so I can be present with my family and my life.

2. Take the conversation OFFLINE and TALK to that person via the phone or in person. It’s amazing the amount of friendships and connections I have built up over the years with this tip.

Don’t buy into FOMO. Buy into real connections and being present.

My 2 cents…

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Facebook Timelines: The Benefits to Business Owners from a Personal Profile standpoint

A few months ago, Facebook rolled out a Beta version (and now it’s a regular part of FACEBOOK) of what is called the Facebook Timeline. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can see an example at: http://www.facebook.com/winston.bromley

Facebook Timeline

The Facebook Timelines are being pushed a lot these days and they have some really great benefits to a Business Owners if used correctly. As I teach at my online seminars or at live Events to Business owners like yourself, I always show how Social Media ties into your Business most effectively. After all, that is in the end why you are using Social Media in your Business – to create Engagement and in the end, make a profit from it.

Facebook Timeline is for personal profile pages only at the moment. They are not being rolled out yet for Business or Fan Pages.. so why am I writing about Facebook Timelines for personal pages?

The new Facebook Timeline is a PERFECT place to showcase what you do as a business owner as well as who you are a person. In the Timeline, there is a thing called Cover Banner, which is a 849 x 312 pixel cover image placed at the top of your profile which is a prime location for you and what you do.

Facebook is very strict on what you can post on these Facebook Timeline Covers Banners (as you see with mine: http://www.facebook.com/winston.bromley). You are not allowed to put up advertising banners or make it too salesy of what you do or only about your Business. The trick is to showcase yourself as a person AND as someone who can help others (in your Business)

Here are 3 main benefits to Facebook Timelines that you can get now:

  1. The ability to post a Cover Banner image that gives you a chance to personalize your profile as mentioned above showcasing your life and your Business. Don’t be too salesy….
  2. You can add in the Life Events that meant a lot to you, from the past, such as a wedding, a divorce (you never know what people will post on FB), a special event, etc. Right now the events fall in five categories – Work & Education, Family & Relationships, Home & Living, Health and Wellness, Travel and Experiences.Note: You can also add a year to your posts that will re-post a status in the year that that Event happened….even if you were not on Facebook at the time!… Such as pre-2003.
  3. By using the Life Events, you can showcase all your Talents that you did in the past such as organizing events or putting on Seminars. It can be a great tool for new job or career opportunities.

The Down Side

Right now, there are scammers are taking advantage of some users’ desire to revert back to the old profile and do away with the Timeline. Pages and apps have appeared that claim to be able to deactivate the Timeline and they ask users to click like buttons, share things with friends, etc.

The only thing they do is gain access to your Account and then Spam all your Friends, so don’t get involved with them.

Setup of a Facebook Timeline: Step by step

First off, to move over to a Facebook TIMELINE is now super easy, even for the non-techy people out there… and I know there are a few.

Version 1: Easy as pie, if you have a great Timeline image.

1. Go to http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

2. Click on the button to the right that says “Get Timeline.” It’s now enabled, but not published yet.

3. Click “Publish Now.” You’re done.

Version 2: Easy setup with a few extra steps so you can preview what your Timeline page will look like

1. Log into your Facebook account and go to the About Timeline page at http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

2. Click on “Get Timeline”

3. Scroll down on your new Timeline and remove or Edit any items that you don’t want shown. To do this, simply hold your cursor over the upper right of the item you want to edit, and pick a choice on the drop-down list.

4. From that drop down list, you can hide it from the timeline ,change the date of the item, add a location, or delete the post.

5. To“Feature” a post (as mentioned above), click on the star icon to the left of that pencil icon. This will make that item expand all the way across the page, so more people can see it

6. Once are done with all the edits, either go back to the top of your profile/Timeline page and click “Publish Now”. There is also an option that it will do the posting in 7 days.

As a side note; If you want to get a Custom Timeline Cover image created specific to your Brand, we can help you out. Email us at artbox@artbox.ca with the Subject Timeline Cover  and we will get the process started.