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eCompare REVIEW: How to build an eCommerce Store in minutes with a profitable Twist

eCompare REVIEW: How to build an eCommerce Store in minutes with a profitable Twist

This is how to build an eCommerce Store in minutes with a profitable Twist: Plugin review

I had the pleasure of reviewing an e-commerce WordPress Plugin that can instantly populate your site within minutes with hundreds of products, while providing a twist that I think (and have accomplished) pushes users towards buying products on your site. The product is called “eCompare”.

eCompare as a BETA Tester and I was hooked within a few minutes with installing it. It allows you to sell products as an affiliate (with no overhead) and earn commissions, all with an amazing twist I will discuss below. Please watch my video below for some insights:

What this plugin allowed me do, after the install, was awesome.

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If you haven’t jumped into ecommerce yet, it’s $1 Billion dollar industry that shows no sign of stopping..  However, frankly, it has some draw backs.

If you want to get into physical products, rather than just information or digital products, you often have to find the right suppliers, or carry expensive inventory in order to get started.

A smart way to do this, in order to get money without any out of your pocket, is to sell as an Affiliate. Affiliate commissions = Low risk, low overhead and decent (sometimes large) commissions.

Well, once I signed up for Walmart, Shop.com and Amazon as an affiliate (took about 10 minutes of time to do so), I took my code and added it into my Site. It’s just one line of code you need for each of the 7 stores. Now I had a affiliate code throughout my site!

Now the fun began with this ecommerce plugin.

With just a few words in the search bar for products, within the plugin, I was able to pull up around 67 cameras that fit the criteria of my keyword. I just selected the ones I wanted on the site, and click Import. Within 31 seconds, I have ALL 67 products in my store, with full descriptions, images and, best of all my Affiliate link.


However, the thing that made me get goosebumps was the Comparison shopping twist to this plugin.

Here is how it works (and it’s so simple yet super effective):

  1. Shopper lands on your site to buy a product. Say Product W.
  2. Shopper goes to the Product W page and sees the usual photos, descriptions, videos, however is now presented with REAL-TIME price comparison shopping from 7 of the top online retailers (Walmart, Shop.com, Amazon, Best Buy and more!)
  3. The shopper will now choose the best price or best shipping, as we are presenting the BEST choices, rather than the user having to go “price shop”. That’s what I would do, but know I can see all the best prices here on the site.
  4. Amazing right? It gets better…….
    If someone is on my site, and types in the search bar, something I haven’t put onto my site as a product (and I could lose a sale), if it is found, and the Shopper goes to that page, then I get the COMMISSION! That’s right, the system understands that you are the one that sent the Shopper there, so they reward you!

eCompare is a perfect way to get started or add onto your existing streams of income with a powerful ecommerce solution that takes a few minutes to setup, and yet yields a lot of value and win-win purchasing solutions for the Shoppers.

I think it’s so great, that when you pick up your own Copy from my link below, I will send you following items at no extra charge, **via your email upon purchase**, to help you increase conversions on your site.

  • 2 WordPress Plugins:
    1. Survey Logic (for instant surveys online for more user engagement on your ecommerce)
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As you can see, I really think eCompare is ideal for anyone who wants to setup an Ecommerce site without all the usual drawbacks.. The low-cost to it, the ease-of-use and the fact you can provide your buyers options, that shows them the best prices, it’s all win-win….

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Social media is the PERFECT avenue for a two-way communication between a prospective customer and a business establishment

Social media is the PERFECT avenue for a two-way communication between a prospective customer and a business establishment

Social media has really become one of the most important avenues for businesses out there, in order to reach out and communicate with their market.

Richard Gans AXAWhat makes it even better is that it is still growing and business establishments are still learning how to best use social media in order to make their services better. According to Richard Gans, Director of Social Media at AXA, social media usage, both on a paid and organic nature, continues to grow and evolve as a means of marketing and engaging with consumers. More specifically, using social media as an active channel for resolving customer service moments continues to evolve as the needs and expectations of consumers change. Consumers expect brands, even financial service companies, to be available for help when and where they need it and social media is serving as one of those necessary options.

AXASocial media is the perfect avenue for a two-way communication between a prospective customer and a business establishment. Mr. Gans claimed that the use of social media is one of the things that really worked well in enabling his company to build trust online. He said that as more people look online for feedback prior to making a purchase. AXA recently incorporated an initiative that facilitates direct, two-way customer feedback along with the collection and organization of customer responses with the aim not only of improving customer experience, but also of ultimately producing new products and speeding innovations on existing ones.

Allowing your clients and customers to provide comments on your products or services through social media will enable you and your company to easily improve based on the feedback provided. It would be a lot easier to identify areas where you are doing right as well as areas that need improvements.

Digital Marketing for Financial Services SummitWhat makes it even more interesting is that social media is only a fraction of what you and your company can use in creating an online presence and building trust for your company online. If you are looking to expand the reach of your company, getting involved in trainings and seminars of this nature can help you get started. Here’s the good news. The Annual Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit is once again upon us. The event will take place on the 21st and 22nd of June 2017 at The Westin Harbour Castle Conference Centre in Toronto. The summit will be the perfect place for you to learn how to drive conversion, create loyalty, and maintain your competitive edge.

What makes this summit a must-attend is the fact that the speakers, of whom Mr. Richard Gans is a part of, are really authorities in their respective fields. On top of that, you will also get to meet people from different financial services companies like banks, insurances and credit unions. There are also those from investment and wealth management sectors as well as from digital marketing. It will truly be a worthwhile learning experience for you which can greatly help you start your online campaigns. If you want to learn more, simply visit their website: http://www.financialdigitalmarketing.com, check out the speakers as well as the topics that will be covered and then register! It would be one of the best things you can do for your business.

Also you can get 20% Off your Tickets by using the code “REFUEL20”


Richard Gans
Director of Social Media, AXA
Rich Gans is Director of Social Media at AXA in the U.S., a leader in providing wealth management, life insurance and annuity products. In his current role, he oversees the company’s enterprise social strategy and social media policies and executes initiatives that use social media to enhance the customer experience, drive brand awareness, increase business value, and safeguard brand reputation. That’s his job description; his passion is helping transform the organizational culture to make people feel more informed and comfortable with social media. To achieve that goal, he manages all employee-focused social media training in addition to the U.S. social employee advocacy program. Prior to joining AXA, Rich was the head of social media for Forrester Research. Before that, he held roles focused on customer experience, market research, and business analysis at Forrester Research, Jupiter Research, and IBM.

Rich holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School for Business. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and 4 children. Follow Rich on Twitter @Richard_Gans.

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