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How to get real results from your Social Media Marketing efforts

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Social MediaHere is a secret that I want to give to you that I give to my clients that I train about Social Media Marketing techniques. As with a lot of other Companies out there, my clients are working on developing, implementing or adding in social media strategies to leverage social media in order to get results. We put a plan into place and I walk them through step-by-step how to attract more clients and increase profits using Social Media.

The number one thing that I see with a lot of Companies these days is to only rely on Social Media platforms to be their  main “website” platform of information.  This is a mistake. It really is, for a number of reasons.

I have always cherished the statement “You get what you pay for” and it is relevant in many avenues.

I am a huge believer in Social Media Marketing and what it can do for businesses. Social Media works and it works well. Having been part of the web business for over 17 years now with building sites, I have seen it all.

Here is what I want to tell you:

Facebook (or any other Social Media setup – Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc) should NEVER be your main website platform.

Here is why….

1. You are ALWAYS playing in some one else’s sandbox: If Facebook wants to change your layout of your site when they want, they do and you end up with Timelines (I am a fan by the way). LinkedIn is now updating their Company pages and this will again upset people who have spent time and effort crafting the perfect look and feel to their site. With your own main website, you are in Control. No “social media handcuffs”.

2. The Social Media Platform owns the content that you upload: When you upload content to ANY of these sites, make sure you read their Terms. On Facebook, they own all the content so you really are just “leasing” a space from them and then can remove it at any time. That isn’t the best business model, right?

3. Everything goes in phases: Remember MySpace? It was Facebook 5 years ago and now it’s almost embarassing to be on there. Social platforms go in and out and granted, Facebook is very strong, but just like the Roman Empire, it will not last forever.

4. Google and other Search engines will not benefit your Social Platforms as they will your Website: Granted, search engines will still index your information IF the social platform allows it, however you will generally only have 1 page that is indexed versus many from the website you run.

5. A Place to call Home Base: By having your own website (a full website hosted on a paid service – not a free service), you can control all of your content and all of your information. Make this the place to lead ALL of your social platforms to. This is where you want clients and customers to come to. Facebook is great for interactions as is Pinterest and Twitter, but in the end, if you want true ongoing sales, you have to bring them back to your website. Always.

I want to ensure that your online business continues to do well with Social Media. If you already have your Facebook page, and all other items but do not have a site yet, please consider setting it up as the main place for people to land.

One last note: This doesn’t mean in any way that you stop using Social Media. I recommend to use it all the time, profitably however when you use Social Media combined with a solid website strategy, you will yield the best results.

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5 of the Worst Things You Can Do in Social Media as a Business Owner

The 5 Worst Things you can do in Social Media as a Business ownerIn the twenty-first century, the World Wide Web has become a great way for anyone to reach an audience. From blogs to online businesses, social media takes on many different shapes and sizes.

To help illustrate what can go wrong in Social Media, I pieced together 5 Social Media “What Not To Do” Tips so that Businesses can avoid these costly mistakes. These are based on working with my Clients, being active in Social Media and some questions that I have got from our Online seminars.

The 5 Worst Things you can do in Social Media as a Business owner:

  1. Selling all the time: Social media involves many aspects, the first being you should be social and connecting with people, however that does not mean that you have to constantly be trying to sell something every time. If you have a blog, and all you do is sell things to your readers, you will soon see all your readers disappear because they get tired of it. Imagine meeting someone at a party, then they call you up every few days asking you to buy from them. I am sure you would soon block their number (I know I would)
  2. Ignoring your Users: Using the blog example once again, you have people who are going to your blog regularly (hopefully). It is highly important that you keep in touch with the people that frequent your website. This can be in the form of a regular posting every Thursday or having them sign up for a Newsletter so you can stay in touch weekly with them with even more tips. The idea is to stay Front of Mind.
  3. Targeting the wrong niche market: It is very important that you target the right people to your Social Platforms so it’s a match between your product/service and customer. For example, if you are a Mechanic on Facebook, discuss the types of cars you work on such as Chevy or Ford. Stay focused on that Market and , as the Mechanic, don’t start blogging about your new favourite Restaurant, unless it deals with cars some how. Stay on one Path.
  4. Using the right social media platform: Are you using the right platform for your business? There are a lot of choices out there to choose from when it comes to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and many others? Take the time to figure out what system covers your Audience Market the best or you will be spending too much time on Platforms that will not bring you more business. As an Example, if you are a knitter, you will most likely find that most of your audience is on Facebook and Pinterest. There would be no need to join Twitter or LinkedIn for that Business type. Focus your Energy where you Audience resides. It will pay off.
  5. Not using social media at all: This is an interesting one. I have met businesses that still feel that Social Media will not end up with a Return on Investment for their Time (ROI). Here is my comment on that: The World Wide Web reaches millions of people, and any business that does not take advantage of it, is truly missing a golden opportunity. Just imagine all the customer contact you are missing out on from the sharing, commenting, and searching that goes on in these Platforms. Did you know that Facebook and Twitter are in the top 5 of all the Search engines for people looking up things? Google is number one of course. Social Media is here to stay. It’s time to figure out where you want to set up Camp.

Social media can be a great Marketing tool for your Business or it can be a double edged sword that can do more harm than good. Use social media effectively and you will reap the rewards. Use it poorly, and people will go elsewhere.

If you are stuck or don’t know where to go next, and want to learn how to use Social Media properly, consider hiring our services to get you on track and up to speed, or using our 1-on-1 Coaching that will get your Platforms and Businesses to the next level in Social Media, attracting new clients and being profitable. For more information and a no obligation quote, contact us at sales@thesocialmediabreakthrough.com or call us at 1-888-634-1465. We are here to help.


How Blogging Can Get You Business

Blogging for BusinessBlogging is an interesting thing.  Just how every man with a camera today has become a potential photographer, every computer user with internet who can write a few words has become a prospective blogger. It is true that extensive blogging has created a large ocean of information in the virtual world but it is still those finest and most relevant Blogs that get the most worthwhile recognition.

It is similar to how self publishing may offer you a chance to publish your book but having the hardback or paperback on the wooden shelves is a different achievement.

Blogging, when looked at from a different perspective, has a lot of potential for any type of business. There is a section of bloggers all across the globe who just upload anything and try to make money through ad sense and several promising resources but from the perspective of a business, blogging can be and should be your gateway to a larger audience. How blogging can get you business can be best illustrated by considering a few examples to ponder over.

Whether we look for the best sound systems, plumber or air conditioner repairer, more than half of the internet using population in the world is likely to start a search online. A quick search would inevitably show up a few articles (in other words blogs). When a business takes to blogging in its specific industry, one lends expertise to the content. One may be blogging about periodontal disease and treatments but when a periodontist does it, it speaks of his expertise and readers would not only trust the information but get interested in getting in touch with the periodontist for further consultation.

For example, a homemaker is looking for some roofing services in New York and she comes across a blog written by a roofing specialist or a roofing company and there are ten tips to get the best roofing done at the best price. Not only would the reader be happy with relevant information but she is also likely to contact the company if there is a link or some information about the company and how to get in touch about their services.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to offer a glimpse of your expertise to prospective clients and it is a surefire way to win over more clients. Any business will get more clients through blogging than any other method of advertisement or promotion on it’s own. It is excellent for developing your Brand, your Expertise and your SEO for your Business.

So get started today..  if you want to get out there and get noticed and get results, start blogging about what you know!

See ya soon!

How Curating Your Images and Content with Social Media is the New Way to Attract Customers: Pinterest

Pinterest : How Curating Your Content with Social Media is the New Way to Attract CustomersEver since we were young, images have always taken our interest. We loved stopping and seeing all of the beautiful artwork, the intricate designs, and every colorful piece we could find. We may be a bit older, but it does not mean we adore seeing images any less.

There is a huge culture on the internet of people who just enjoy browsing picture after picture, sometimes even spending hours of their time looking. One of the biggest sites for that right now is Pinterest. This massive website attracts many from across the globe, all to see new images people have to share. Others, like Reddit and Imgur, work in similar ways and have people viewing a large list of pictures. I am focused on the one that is King right now: Pinterest.

While it may seem you are looking at images only, these are really social media platforms. This means you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and make friends, as you would with regular social websites. The desire to use these sites is huge and growing constantly, making it the next step in the evolution of social media.

There are many similarities between social sites like Facebook and Pinterest. You have many users online to share their thoughts, lives and loves, people with whom you can speak and forge connections. What sets Pinterest apart, though, is what makes it so grand. People are using it to see the magnificent and astounding things the world has to offer, both natural and man made. It has more to offer than communication, it has wonder on every page.

This type of social media idea organization has allowed people seeking to get their name or word out a way to do it much easier. On several other social media websites, you have to hope yours shines through enough to make it to the top. With sites like Pinterest, you can target the people who would like it by interest. This is a lot like how big named stores target us, except it is free and is already becoming a huge hit on the internet.

Essentially, learning how to use Pinterest is vital to tapping into this new market of customers in a clever, yet imaginative way so that you can generate even more traffic to your online business.

With Pinterest, the most common function is to “Pin It”, which is to post your new photo or something you like on the internet up so that others who have an interest in your image, products or services can see it and then they “Re-pin It” on their “Boards” as well.

Pinterest can be incorporated with your other social media sites. Twitter, for example, is a very good one since it is short, to the point and the content can showcase easily what you “Pin” up on Pinterest. Facebook has a great App that ties into your Timeline that showcases your latest Pins.

The thing that got my Attention as a web guy is that Pinterest can provide you with effective backlinks back to your main site. This really mean that you get better placement in Google and more “organic” or not-paid-for traffic leads. These backlinks and the content driven material you are posting (or should be posting) are designed to bring in the customers. Try to avoid the “hard sell” as much as possible which will turn off some Pinterest users. I am all for every 5 pins, post a Hard Sell.

One good bit of news for those considering SEO generation back to your website, is that unlike some other social network sites, your content may go much further than what you could do on other websites, with re-pinning, sharing and liking. Each one counts as a backlink… So take advantage of this for your SEO generation that Pinterest allows us to have.

Lastly, one very important aspect of Pinterest is popularity which means being very interactive with other members on the site. This can be commenting on their photos, or posting great content yourself to get comments and re-pins..You should include content from others as well as yourself to get the most exposure. This will build trust with others on the site from what you are doing. Popularity worked in high school as it does so on Pinterest.

Finally, be creative when you use Pinterest. It’s perhaps even more important than with your other social network sites as the visual oriented format can pay dividends even faster when you can promote yourself in a positive, creative way.

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The Growth of Pinterest and How Businesses Can Embrace It

As I mentioned in my article last December “Pinterest: An up-and-coming Social Media Network worth looking into” Pinterest is Growing in Massive Numbers, and Your Business Can Too! This is a Must Read For Large and Small Business Owners Alike.

Pinterest is even more incredible than ever. It has acquired over 10 million users in a record amount of time. It is the single fastest growth of any website in history even though it is still an invite-only site. The explosive growth of Pinterest.com only goes to show that any one looking to enhance their brand, their business, their services or their products should consider having a strong presence on it.

Pinterest is the best choice for internet marketing. It has grown at such rapid rates that it even blew Facebook’s notorious beginning out of the water. It is a really clean cut site that allows all businesses small and large to increase their exposure and generate more customers. We all know that all adds up to more money.

Social media is a very essential marketing tool. It is a guaranteed way to get the exposure that you need to keep up in these competitive times. All businesses will benefit in abundance through maintaining a strong presence on Pinterest.com.

Most of the users on Pinterest are females, and women are known to be the bargain hunters and shoppers in the family. You will be able to target an audience much easier than on any other social media site. People come there looking for specific services or products. Your time is much more fruitful when you use Pinterest.

It is based theme is on a post it method. You can generate deals or specials and even have contests to lure potential buyers in. You are going to get results on Pinterest without as much time, money or effort you will have to invest on other sites.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get your business on the map. Whether you have 100+ employees or you are working alone to build your company this is a great place to advertise. Your company’s name is more likely to show up in Google results with every post, and you will find that it all really makes a difference.

Marketing strategies can get expensive, however with Pinterest you can dramatically decrease overall costs. It can be a fun and effective way to interact with your customers while offering them the best deals. Nothing beats Pinterest, and if you have not seen what it can do to boost your sales and reputation, you are really missing out.

If you want to be invited (as Pinterest is set to INVITE ONLY right now), email me at winston@artbox.ca with the Subject “Pinterest”.

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Why Google+ matters….

I will make a bold statement here: If you are not on Google+ now, you should be as it is an important part of your Social Networking and Marketing toolkit, as it will change how we interact, purchase things as well as rank in the Search Engines.

If you haven’t heard of Google+ or have been sitting on the fence, Google+ is a newer social media platform from Google  that brings together the best of Social Media networks as well as Search engine optimization and a lot of great features. A bonus is that the layout of the site is very clean and easy to read.

Google + Winston Bromley Why Google+ Matters for businesses

There are quite a few things that separate Google+ from it’s rivals. Here are the key ones in my mind as a Business owner leveraging Social Media.

Circles – Laser Focused Marketing:

One of the features is the introduction of Circles. Circles are clusters of your Contacts placed into a group that you would like to address separately. You can put your Family into the Family Circle, your Friends into a Friends cirlce, Boat enthusiasts into another circles, Joggers into another one, etc.

What this allows you to do is to be able to broadcast your thoughts or messages to select groups, such as a timely article to only the Jogger Circle. That way you are not telling your whole list about the activity that will not relate to most of your list.

By having Circles, it helps to organize the people you have friended, into circles that are easy to give them a name that is easy to remember.

As a business owner, this is a great thing to have. What you can do, is as you find people on Google+ in an area that you are looking to target, you can place them into a circle. Let’s say you are looking for Musicians to be part of a festival and you only want local musicians. All you have to do is search for them via the search features and when you find them, without leaving the page, you can Add them to the appropriate “Musicians” cirlce. From that point on, if you have an item you need to say or market, all you have to do is click on the SHARE button and pick that Circle, and voila!, only those people will see it. Again you are not “spamming” the rest of your list so people will appreciate this.

To invite people to Google+, you simply add them into your Circle that you would like them to be part of. There is a button that says “Add a new person”. Next, you need to put them into a circle. Pick multiple ones if that person should be in 2 or more circles. Type in their Email address. Once they are located and they will get an invite from you.

+1 – Increase your Popularity and SEO while telling people that others like your stuff as well:

Plus 1 button Winston BromleyAs you can see pretty much everywhere on the internet, a lot of sites are showcasing the +1 Button. This is the Google+ button that allows you if pressed, that you appreciate this article and find it valuable.

So if you like an article, even this one (hint hint), you can click on the +1, to show you like what information is being provided.

From a Search Engine optimization point of view for our Business or personal sites, Google is the king of all search engines. We all know that. Well, since it’s their social network, you are starting to see (if you are logged into Google+ while searching around – and usually unless you log out, you stay logged in), as you are logged in, Friends and contacts in your Circles that have +1’d an article and this provides the magic component of Social proof. Social proof is a way of showing others like your stuff, and makes it more appealing to like as well.

An example is if you +1 an article, and your friends on Google+ go searching for that items, say a restaurant review site, they will see that you +1 or liked it and that will make you more want to click on it as it’s like Winston likes this page, I will check it out as well.

The other MAJOR thing about the +1 is that for Google, once again the biggest Search Engine in the world, is starting to arrange the algorithm from how it indexes now to more of Social engagement. Put another way, the more that pages are +1 from Google+ users, the more it will help to move up the rankings.

Example: Bob pulled out all the tricks with SEO (search engine optimization) to create a top ranking page for a product on an Event in his town. Tim, another local person has a page for an event on the same day and wants to beat out the ranking of Bob’s site. Tim also does a great job but is behind Bob’s site. Leading up to the event, Tim gets quite a substantial number of +1’s and comments on his page. Since Google tracks this and the social input, it will cause Tim’s site to rise to the top, as it’s social proof that people are finding and enjoying that page.

This is crucial for SEO, development of sites and marketing from this point on. Google and other search engines see that basing rankings on what people like is truly the best way to rank pages.

Business Pages:

On Google+ you can create Business Pages for your Businesses, Brands and other non-personal items.

Agan, the main benefit is that Google is running the show and this will lead to be indexing of your Brand and better page indexing than Facebook could ever do.

NOTE: Facebook is not indexed in google other than personal page indexes that link to you, if at all.

Video Chats:

As a Google+ user, you can bring together your team on the site in a video chat area, called Hangouts. You can have up to 10 people at one time.

Facebook created a deal this past year with Skype however on FB, you can only do 1 person at a time on Video conference mode. They are still catching up and keep adding in features that look a lot like Google+.

In your Account Profile:

Once you have setup your Profile (and you can even transfer over all of your details from Facebook to Google+), people can see your Stream of conversation (or if you assign status updates for specific circles, on those can see it), About you, photos and videos as well as all the articles you have +1. I like that viewing of +1 as it allows me to bookmark sites I like with the +1 and then can refer to my profile to review them or re-read them.

URL Shortener:

There is a great site, called http://www.gplus.to that will take the ugly URL that links to your page and make it into a short URL for you. Just go onto the site, enter your long URL, add a nickname, as shown above and it will create a shorter, easier to use URL. I use this as it’s a lot cleaner in my Email signature.

This is mine: http://www.gplus.to/winstonbromley

Why Google+ Matters:

As there are many Social Media sites out there to be part of, I highly recommend for all it’s benefits, that you get a Google+ account today and start building your Network. It’s a very intuitive Site and poses many features that will help you and your Business to succeed in Social Media, SEO and whatever else Google thinks up. Google is the king of Content so let’s be part of their system and get the results we want.

Come and find my on Google+ and add me to your Friends circle.


See you there!